Tattoo Removal Before and After Results

Every day, hundreds of people search for tattoo removal before and after pictures.  Getting a tattoo removed can be a big moment in your life. Erasing the painful memory of a bad but youthful decision or getting your nasty ex-girlfriend’s name off of your back can be a great first step in feeling more confident in your own skin, so to speak.

The tattoo removal results, however, can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of your tattoo as well as the tattoo removal method you choose. Below are a few tattoo removal pictures I’ve gathered that demonstrate these results.

Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After

Most people don’t realize the effort that laser tattoo removal takes. People who are uninformed expect to walk into a clinic and have their bad memory zapped off in a heartbeat. This is not the case. As you’ll see below, laser treatment requires multiple sessions ranging from 3 – 10 sessions. Here are some laser tattoo removal pictures that demonstrate the before and after results:

After 1 Session Results

laser tattoo removal before and after photo 1 session

As you can see, one session of laser removal method is not going to satisfy you and probably just makes your tattoo look worse.  The skin after tattoo removal needs time to heal before the next session.  With laser treatment, you will need 3 sessions at minimum to get the desired results.


After 4 Sessions Results

Laser tattoo removal before and after photo 4 treatments

Now this is a very dense tattoo so after four expensive treatments, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. This is how clinics get the money to keep rolling in. Once you’ve started, you know you can’t stop and need to keep scheduling sessions.  I’m showing you these tattoo removal before and after results because I want you to truly understand that this is a process.


After 7 Sessions Results

before and after tattoo removal photo

This picture was taken after seven laser removal sessions. These are great results.  The difference before and after tattoo removal is huge.  That can’t be denied, but the reality is this person is now down thousands of dollars and the seven sessions had to have taken more than a year to complete!

These laser tattoo removal photos show that laser removal does work but you have to be ready to put in a lot of time and money to see the results you probably have in your mind.


Natural Tattoo Removal Before and After

Natural removal methods that rely on accelerated exfoliation give you much better and faster results. Here are a few pictures of my own personal clients who followed my favorite guide on natural tattoo removal.

1 Month Results

natural tattoo removal before and after photo

As you can see from the photo above, your tattoo won’t simply vanish in a month no matter what method you use.  Tattoo removal results will depend on the size, color, and complexity of your tattoo. Still, for only one month these are great results.


2 Month Results

natural tattoo removal before and after picture

Now we’re really getting somewhere. After 2 months of following the Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide and being consistent, Jonathan is left with nothing but an outline of his regretful neck tattoo.


3+ Month Results

home tattoo removal before and after

This is probably my favorite picture and the one that I am most proud of. The tattoo is virtually gone to the naked eye. Now sure, if you get up real close you can probably see that he once had a tattoo there, but these results are amazing.  The natural tattoo removal before and after results speak for themselves.

As you can see tattoo removal results can definitely vary. Whether you go the laser route or the all natural route, you will most likely get similar results. The big difference lies in the journey getting there. With laser removal, you don’t know how many sessions it will take for your tattoo to disappear and every one will cost a big chunk of cash. Natural tattoo removal will get you to where you wan to be faster and is essentially risk-free.

If you want all of the results and none of the risk, check out the wonderful “Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide” that will show you exactly how you can remove your tattoo the right way, from your very own home.

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