Natural Tattoo Removal Methods – Laserless Tattoo Removal

Natural Tattoo Removal

Natural tattoo removal is taking the tattoo industry by storm. Gone are the days where if you wanted a tattoo removed, you had to get it vaporized off in a series of ridiculously over-priced sessions. Don’t get me wrong, laser tattoo removal does work, its just more expensive and less effective than doing it from home. Those who opt to go the non laser route are quickly realizing just how beneficial making that decision is.

Cheap? Check. Painless? Yep. Safe?  Effective? Absolutely!

Before and after natural tattoo removal

natural tattoo removal before and after photo

We live in a time where people are very conscious of their health and even more conscious of the health of their bank accounts! People are much more aware of what they are putting in their bodies and its for very good reason.

What we put in our bodies becomes us. They don’t say “You are what you eat” for no reason! Most of the cells in our bodies are replaced in days, weeks, months, and sometimes years. What replaces these cells? The food that we eat replaces these cells and can alter our bodies in a multitude of ways. The chemicals found in food are powerful. Very powerful. I mean, just look at how a clean diet can transform your body and change how you feel. Although that’s for another discussion entirely, foodborne chemicals also make up the backbone of most home tattoo removal methods.

two women shopping in the supermarket

Take a stroll through your local grocery store. I guarantee you’ll find every ingredient that you’ll need to fade your tattoo the natural and painless way. Nice and cheap natural ingredients, and they’re proven to remove your tattoo over time through accelerated exfoliation.

I’m not just talking about one method or one ingredient here. Different problems require different solutions and some natural tattoo removal methods will work better for some and worse for others. It all depends, but every natural tattoo removal method uses an ingredient that you can get from any grocery store. Here’s a brief overview of a few of my favorite methods:


Salabrasion Tattoo Removal

The process of salabrasion simply makes use of a mixture of water and granular salts to wipe away your tattoo. With some light sanding, over time your tattoo will get washed out through the process of micro-friction.

tattoo removal skin diagram

The salts in question are microscopic crystals. These crystals have the power to break material down and that’s exactly what they do to your tattoo. It’s very important to understand the fact that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to natural tattoo removal as no tool has proven to be right for everyone, however, salabrasion is my preferred method when a client makes it clear that they would like to remove their tattoo in a relatively quick and painless manner.


Aloe Vera and Yogurt

What would your reaction be if I told you that you could remove your tattoo and actually nourish your skin at the same exact time? In most cases, your first reaction would be to think that I might be planning to pull a fast one on you. Well, this is not the case with this method.

aloe vera natural tattoo removal method

In case you’re not aware, applying aloe vera and yogurt in a specific formula (say 3 to 4 times daily) has been proven to exfoliate tattoos naturally. This of course comes with the added benefit of providing your skin with Vitamin E and other nutrients that aid in the natural tattoo removal process. The aloe-vera and yogurt method is great for women as well as any other person who has sensitive skin. It’s also very accessible as many people already have aloe vera and yogurt in their homes right now!


The Sand Powder Method

With the sand powder method, things get a little bit rougher. This is because sand powder is used to irritate the skin. If a client has very sensitive skin, this should be the last resort when it comes to natural tattoo removal methods. I say when it comes to natural methods because anyone with sensitive skin should never get near a laser tattoo removal machine! Although the sand powder method is a little rougher, if you can handle mild irritation for a couple of weeks, you will find this to be one of the most effective and expedient natural methods around.

Sand powder is applied to the surface of the skin after washing with antibacterial soap and drying thoroughly. The easiest way to apply the sand powder is to use a soft wash cloth or a towel that has been soaked in warm water for a period of time. You can also use a sponge as long as it’s clean and not too soft.

sand powder tattoo removal

Here’s a little summary of how it works. The sand powder acts as a deep exfoliating agent that significantly speeds up the skin cell rejuvenation process. During this time the deep layers of the skin, including the ink inside it, are pulled all the way up to the surface. Once the ink is at the surface of the skin, it will gradually be wiped away.   This is an extremely effective natural tattoo removal method for people with moderate to tough skin.

What Natural Tattoo Removal Method is Right for You?

When taking everything into consideration, it’s important to understand that all of these natural tattoo removal methods come with pros and cons. There is no “right” method. It depends on the person and that person’s situation, goals, and skin type.  I’ve mentioned a few of the natural tattoo removal methods in this article but to ensure that they work you need a gameplan.  I’ve really only scratched the surface. This awesome guide will help you find exactly what method will work best for you.  It gives you the step by step directions to take action and finally kiss your ugly tattoo goodbye!