Does Tattoo Removal Hurt? Laser vs. Natural Tattoo Removal Pain

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?

I get a lot of questions about tattoo removal pain but the most common is the very basic “Does tattoo removal hurt?” question.  What I usually always tell my clients is that it can hurt, but it doesn’t have to. There is such a thing as painless tattoo removal but how bad tattoo removal hurts depends on how you actually go about getting the tattoo removed.  If you’re worrying about if tattoo removal hurts, you need to know that it depends on whether you opt for laser or natural methods.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

With laser removal, you can almost always expect some degree of pain. I mean, the whole process involves a laser vaporizing your skin so of course you’re going to be in some discomfort! Although it won’t hurt as much as getting the tattoo, a lot of people say it feels like bacon grease is repeatedly being splashed on your skin. I’ve cooked enough bacon with my shirt off (sorry for that image) to know that those grease splashes can hurt like hell!

Blistering after laser tattoo removal session

Laser tattoo removal pain and blistering

Here are a few quotes about laser tattoo removal pain that I’ve seen from people who’ve gone through at least one session of laser tattoo removal.

“It hurts like hell!!! I could not deal with the pain without numbing cream and had to come back a week later to finish the whole tattoo. With the cream it was tolerable and I can do the whole tattoo in one go.”

“At first, it just felt like a hot rubberband popping my skin. The pain was BAD, and it got much worse as the procedure went on.”

“Ladies imagine a fully turned up flat or curling iron held on your skin and you can’t take it off. The blisters and peeling and itch of the healing process is less than pleasant. I see why people quit the removal process before its completion. I’ve already paid so much I’m going to keep going however.”

So laser tattoo removal does hurt.  It isn’t unbearable but it is painful.  Even if you have a pretty high tolerance for pain, you’ll at least need some numbing cream to help ease the hurt.

Does Natural Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Luckily, laser removal isn’t your only option. If you choose a natural removal method you won’t be subject to any pain and can really control the amount of irritation that occurs. Natural tattoo removal methods are painless and you won’t be left with any tattoo removal scars.

Natural tattoo removal before and after

natural tattoo removal before and after

These methods mentioned in this awesome Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide involve accelerated exfoliation, which is basically just speeding up a process your body already goes through daily.   All you have to do is follow the steps exactly and you can bring the ink embedded in your skin to the surface where it can be easily wiped away.


Natural Tattoo Removal Methods are Underutilized

For some reason when people think of tattoo removal the first thing that comes to their mind is “laser.” This is because, until recently, laser removal was the only option. Now that natural methods you can do from home exist, going the laser route just doesn’t make sense. It’ll cost you thousands of dollars, months or years of waiting, and a lot of discomfort.

Removing your tattoo naturally is something you can do from your own home with ingredients that you can get for cheap at your local grocery store. Not only is it cheap and painless, but you get the job done in a few months instead of 6 months or a year. There’s really no comparison.

So does tattoo removal hurt?  No, it doesn’t.  Not if you explore all of your options before starting the process.  The amount of tattoo removal pain there will be depends on you.


Looking for the painless approach to tattoo removal? Look no further than the laserless guide below

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